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Breathtaking Facts about Agra Fort You Might Not Know

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It is a well-stated fact that no trip to India is complete without visiting Agra. It is one of the most popular cities of Uttar Pradesh which offers a bunch of tourist places to its visitors. Due to the magnificent Mughal era structures, it fascinates the people to capture its beauty. The wonderful architectural like Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-ud-Daula, Taj Mahal gathers a large number of crowd on a monthly basis. While taking the one day Agra tour in India, apart from these mentioned royal structures, there are plenty of places which can be witness throughout the Agra. Today, we are going to discuss about the breathtaking facts about one of these architectures named as Agra Fort –

Wall of fort – The walls of the Agra Fort are immensely high. It is believed that infiltration to its imposing gate is next to impossible because of the high and double embankments.

8 Years & 1,444,000 Workers - It is believed that somewhere around 1,444,000 builders built the fort using bricks in the inner core and sandstone on outer surface. They took almost 8 years to complete.

Special mosque for ladies – Shah Jahan also built the small but graceful mosque named as Nagina Masjid at the Agra Fort. It was built purposely just for the women of the fort.

Sheesh Mahal -    It is also popular as Mirror Palace. It has mirrors settled into the walls which were more precious than any marble. It is amazing to see the piece of engineering with decorative water in the hammams.

Imprisonment of Shah Jahan - Aurangzeb who was the son of Shah Jahan imprisoned his father for almost 8 years. He was arrested in the octagonal tower of the Agra Fort. It is also said that Shah Jahan was died in Musamman Burj.

Site of battle – During the Indian rebellion of 1857, Agra Fort was treated as the site of a battle. This ultimately became the reason of the British East India Company reign.

Connection with Sherlock Homes – In an episode of Sherlock Homes, Agra Fort got featured as “The Sign of the Four.

Semicircular Plan – Agra Fort has a semicircular plan with 94 acres space. The walls of the fort are 70 Feet-High with chord lies parallel to the river.  

If it sounds interesting and amazing then you can get the same day Agra tour and enjoy the wonderful views of this Mughal structure named as Agra Fort.  If you want to get it experienced in detail then keep these facts with you while visiting this historical monument.