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Know About the Beauty of the Taj Mahal

Being recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world, almost every person wants to enjoy the beauty of the Taj mahal at least once in his life. The marvel of the white marble attracts many souls even though they are indifferent to love. This was built in the period of 1631-1648 and even now always busy with tourists across the world. It is in Agra which is built in the memory of queen Mumtaz by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Visit this masterpiece and you will treasure this world heritage memories for your life.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit this great monument is in the cooler months. Enjoy the beauty of the Taj mahal which is in the banks of Yamuna river in the months of October to march. Especially in the summer, there will be lot of heat and It will not be pleasant to tour the Agra.

Brief History:

Among all the indo- Islamic architecture, this monument is more remarkable. There are thousands of workers who strived to complete this Taj mahal. It encompasses almost 17 hectares and it has mosque, guest house, outer courtyard and main gateway at the south. It has several Arabic scripts and there are different artisans who have worked for its excellence. The major architect behind this great architecture is Ustad-Ahmad lahori.

You will be amazed to check the wonders of the concave, convex light shadows. The beauty of the solids and voids and different arches and domes. Every aesthetic aspect will remain in your memory and gives you immense pleasure. The lush greens and reddish pathway and the blue sky over it always adds a marvel and different hues to the Taj mahal. You will be simply lost in the tints of this stupendous architecture.

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