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Agra Fort is located in Agra Uttar Pradesh. It is an iconic beauty to visit. Agra fort was built in the year 1573 under the royal authority of Akbar- great Mughal emperor. Akbar built it as a residence belonging to the Mughal dynasty until 1638 later the capital was shifted to Delhi. Agra, Red Fort is UNESCO world heritage site. The fort is separated from its sister monument Taj Mahal by 2.5 meters. Today it stands as an important tourist attraction and epitome Indian culture.

Best Point in Time to Visit Red Fort?

Timings of the fort are 6 am in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. The view is best captured in early morning and early evening. The scenic beauty provides a delight to the eyes of Tajmahal by fort at a distance. It was said that Shahjahan spent his last eight years in the fort for watching Tajmahal from the tower. People choose winter season suitable because of the pleasant weather. It is opened all days in a week. Entry can be made through Amar Singh gate only.

What is the Cost Per Head?

Foreigners are charged 550 INR, children are free to make entry, Indians are charged 40 INR, and for children’s the visit is again free. People of SAARC charged only 80 INR.

Eatery Provision?

There is no restaurant in the monument but you can find many stalls near the area.

Guide Availability

Guides in various languages are available near the ticket counter to help the foreign visitors.

Why is Fort So Famous?

The fort has semi-circle layout stretched around 380,000 square meters. The fort has twofold walls with round bastions. There are four gates and one of gated named Khizri gate that opens to the river. Another gate named the Lahore gate is known as Amar Singh's gate serve as the main entry gate. Akbar builds Delhi gate on a western direction for security reasons in history. The gate is beautified by marble inlay work. Going inside you will find an Elephant gate, which has two life-sized statues of an elephant. All this is very eye-catching.
According to history, there were 500 buildings inside the Fort. Some say there were 1000 buildings but were destroyed by Shahjahan and Britishers. Today 30 buildings stand inside the Fort only.
Worth Seeing Building Standing Inside the Fort 
  1. Sheesh Mahal- glass palace, dressing room encrypted with mirrors
  2. Diwan I am- Hall of Public Audience
  3. Jahangir’s Hauz- Monolithic tank built by Jahangir
  4. Shahjahani Mahal- Shahjahan turned this place first into white marbles from red sandstone
  5. Babur’s Baoli- step wall took care of the needs of people in history
  6. Nagina Masjid- was a private place of worship
  7. Ghazni Gate- the tomb of Mahmud Ghazni
  8. Bengali Mahal- hidden housing
  9. Akbar’s Mahal- Akbar breathed his last in this very palace.

History of Red Fort

When Babur won the region in 16TH Century at the battle of Panipat he stayed in this fort. The step was built in it. Babur’s son Humaunys recaptured the fort after defeating Suri. At that time the fort was called as the Brick fort. When Akbar came, it was in the ruined condition. He made it again with red stones from Rajasthan. In 1573, 40,000 workers were required to complete renovation in 8 years. When Shahjahan came to the throne, he designed again the structure that we today know. He took marbles to put in the throne.
Later on, Shahjahan was arrested and died inside the Fort. The building where he died was known as the Mausamman Burj.After 17TH Centaury the fort was captured by the Maratha Empire. In 1803, the fort went in reigns of Britishers.The great Indian 1857 revolt took place inside the Fort. This step-ended control of British East India Company and India then captured by British directly.

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