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Humayun Tomb in Delhi

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Beautiful Humanyun Tomb in Delhi


The famous Humanyun Tomb in Delhi is one of the beautiful constructions we have in our India. It is designed with a combination of ravishing red stone & white marbles. It is said that this tomb is made after the inspiration of the Seventh Wonder of The World known as Taj Mahal. It has a wide area which is equipped with various small tombs & minarets. The construction of this royal mausoleum was started in the year 1565 AD and completed in the year 1572 AD. It is also believed that empress Bega Begum paid the complete expense occurred in the construction.

A trip to Humanyun Tomb with Delhi Darshan Package


We at My Tour Package offer the visitor to the historical Humayun Tomb with our same day sightseeing tour packages for Delhi. During the tour, you will be taken to the different areas of the tomb. You will get the guidance of the experts who will explain to you the complete details and make you aware of the historical facts. Apart from the tomb, you can also explore the other nearby areas with a number of small monuments and structures. The best time to visit monument is in the winters as the climate suits you best with a cool and bit hot feeling.