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Points To Remember In Your Agra Trip

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One of the best ways to spend your weekend if you are in Delhi is by opting for an Agra trip. This is one of the best cities of the country. It has a large number of tourist footfall. But before you plan for the trip you need to know some important things.

1. Advance Planning Is A Must:

Keep in mind that Agra is the home of one of the most important and beautiful monuments in the world. That is Taj Mahal. Naturally, a large number of tourists from across India and from different parts of the world come to Agra to catch a glimpse of this white beauty. As a result, a large number of tourists visit this city. So even if you are planning for Agra One Day Tour make sure that you plan in advance so that you can get the booking of the bus or private vehicle easily.

2. Start Early:

It must be pointed out that Agra is well connected with Delhi by road and the road conditions are really good. It takes around 4 hours to reach Agra from Delhi by road. But even then it is better that you start early. This is because you will get time to check out the different places in Agra. Keep in mind that Taj Mahal is not the only place of tourist interest in Agra. You must visit the Agra Fort and if time permits then you can also check out Fatehpur Sikri.

4. Do Not Forget To Shop In Agra:

There are many things that you can buy in Agra. There are some really good and old markets in this city that sell really good stuff. You must make it a point to take home the miniature marble Taj Mahal. You must also check out the jewellery, leather goods and many other amazing things. This is also one of the best cities for foodies. You can eat some delectable Mughlai food and also some yummy sweets especially the petha from Agra.

5. Opt For The Services Of A Good Tour Organiser:

If you want to have a peaceful trip where you do not have to get into the hassles of making the arrangements of reaching the places of tourist interest and other things then you need to select a good tour organiser who will arrange for the one-day trips to Agra. There are some reputed tour organisers who have good quality buses. They also have guides who will provide all the information about the place. These organisers make sure that they provide the best services which will make your trip pleasant and comfortable.
Agra is definitely a must visit place for all those people who like to see beautiful monuments. This is the city of the Taj Mahal. This is one of the best cities where you can see the perfect blend of modern India and cultural India. For a peaceful travel experience, you can organise the trip through a good travel company.