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All You Need To Know About Historical 14 Gates of Delhi

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Incepted in the year 1639, Old Delhi was founded by Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, who wanted to shift his capital to an appropriate & unblemished location than Agra. His city was the facing problems such as erosion, overcrowding and drainage which was becoming the reason for the natives of the city to move to another place. Shahjahanbad was the original name of Delhi after the founder of the city. The attraction point of Shahjahanbad was Red Fort or Lal Qila (known today) which was known as Qila Mubarak, meaning Blessed Fortress. It is believed that fort was sanctioned in the year 1638 by Emperor Shah Jahan but the construction of the city was begun after 10 years later. The length of the city’s wall was 5.5 miles; today it survives only in fragments.  

Here is a list of the 14 gateways stood during the Mughal period, 100 years ago, most of them have disappeared now.

  1. Turkman Gate to the south
  2. Rajghat Gate to the east
  3. Nigambodh Gate to the north-east
  4. Mori Gate to the north
  5. Lahori Gate, Red Fort
  6. Lahori Gate to the west
  7. Khyrati Gate to the east
  8. Kashmere Gate to the north
  9. Kabuli Gate to the west
  10. Farash Khana Gate to the south-west
  11. Delhi Gate, Red Fort
  12. Delhi Gate to the south
  13. Ajmeri Gate to the south-west
  14. Calcutta Gate to the north-east

Out of these 14, only 5 are standing still which are landmark and addresses themselves. You can also experience this while taking Delhi Darshan package. Let us have a look at these remaining 5 and where they are located.

Kashmiri Gate – It is now also famous for one of the Delhi Metro Stations of Red Line and Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT). It is known for its hustle and bustle environment because of the inter-state bus changing location. It remains open 24*7*365 days for the commuters.

Delhi Gate – It was built in the year 1638 which is now located near to Daryaganj. Emperor Shah Jahan used this gate while visiting Jama Masjid for his prayers. It is designed and created with the sandstones and has two nice-looking stone elephants carved on each side.      

Lahori Gate – Being one of the main entrance of the Red Fort or Lal Qila, it is also known as Lahori Darwaza. The gate is pointing towards the Lahore City, now in Pakistan. The height of the gate is estimated at 10.5 meters high. It is now heavily secured by the police as the Prime Minister of India hoists the flag of India here.

Ajmeri Gate – This gate was constructed in the year 1644, now situated near one of the busiest railway stations, New Delhi railway station. It is said that it is pointing the location of Ajmer, one of the cities of Rajasthan.

Turkman Gate – Built in the year 1650, it is now located near the popular Ram Lila ground. It is covered by densely populated areas of Delhi. At night the lightings of this gate offer a scenic view as a centerpiece in a very busy part of the city.

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