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Know Why You Should Visit the Lal Kila Once in your Lifetime

Lal Qila is the Mughal fort in old Delhi which is built by shah jahan in the 1th century. It is since then, it has become the most popular destination for everyone. This place is considered as a world heritage site by UNESO. They have built it as the palace fort and named it as it is enclosed in the red sandstone walls. Once you visit the red fort, you will be witnessing the Mughals creativity. They have nailed every detail in the design and planning which one can witness from their architecture. They have designed the garden, and other row complexes with a water channel.

Glory of Lal Qila:

This place has an impact as all the geo cultural events are celebrated here. Red Fort is always well known for its power. As it has witnessed the Mughal royalty, then it also popular for witnessing the change to the British rule. Later as we got independence, the first celebrations are held in this place. Different techniques and ideas are imported in building this great architecture. One can witness all the traditions namely the Hindu, Persian, Timurid and many more. The government is now taking all the measures to safeguard this legacy for our future generations. They have even kept the buffer zone and taking care that, the visitors shouldn’t cause any sort of damage to it.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Lal Qila is in the months of winter which is from September- march. It is at this time; the weather is pleasant, and it will be easy to tour all the places nearby besides enjoying the magnificent sight of the Lal Qila.

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