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Enjoy the Heritage of the Vrindavan Without Fail


Everyone love to visit the place where Krishna spent his time which is very popular as Vrindavan. This is located on the banks of Yamuna river which is famous from many long years. Even the future generations will be fascinated to visit the place where Krishna made love with Radha, the ever-green lover couple for the entire human era. This has become the pilgrim destination for Hindus as there are thousands of temples. You will be amazed to check their architecture. This is the place where Krishan killed various daemons.

Best Time to Visit:


Vrindavan is considered to the best place to visit in Uttar Pradesh. The best time to visit this place is to go in February, March and April. This is the best place where you can enjoy yourself either you go alone, or with friends or even with your soul mate. People from across the world come to visit this place.

Places to Vitsit:


The other popular places which one must visit are Bihariji which has a krishan idol inside. The popularity of this temple is that, the eyes of this idol are so powerful and so they keep on closing and opening the curtain for several times. The other places are the Govinda dev mandir, jaigurudeo temple. The world famous ISKCON temple is so famous here. There are lot of foreigners and pilgrims who visit this place every day. They offer free breakfast and lunch as well. Kesighat is the place where Krishna killed the daemonkesi and every evening, the pilgrims can visit the aarati given on the banks of the river.
The other places which you must visit here include the save kunj, rangji mandir and radhavallabh mandir.
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