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Information about Lotus Temple

Timing in Winter-{9:30 A.M – 5:00 P.M}
Timing in Summer-{9:30 A.M- 7:00 P.M} 
Closed only on all Monday every Year
Entry fees: Nil
Nearest Metro station: Kalkaji metro station falls on violet metro line.
Preferred by: families, beauty-lovers, spiritual- seekers
Total time: 45 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes
Photography: strictly prohibited
Duration: 45 Minutes
Visitor advice: visitor must be bare footed to make entry in the temple inside. It is do so because it is a religious place. Silence is maintained inside the temple or you can only whisper. If you have a child age below 12 years then you can engage him in visuals so that he did not make any noise. Food is not available inside the temple therefore you must carry some snacks in carry bag.

Facts about Lotus Temple

It is built in the year 1986; people of Bahai ideology worship it. It is designed in the form of Lotus flower. Lotus temple has designs of Canadian, Iranian archaeology. It is a beautiful structure of 27 lotus petals made out of pure white marble. The lush green landscape of nine gardens provides a picturesque beauty .It is open for the people of all religion. It is made up of marbles, cement, and dolomite with nine gemstone pools scattered over it.
Lotus temple has no picture of particular God inside the temple. As per Bahai ideology, House of worship should be that people of all religion can gather and can worship God with no restrictions.
Lotus temple has unique design inside too. House of worship is a nine-sided circular shape with central hall has capacity of capturing 2500 people at one time. The middle hall is somewhat taller than 40 Metres. Everyone from here can openly see the white marble, which is used in making the Temple. This same marble is used in constructing other Bahai temple around the world. This marble derived from Peneteli mountain of Greece.
Inside the temple, either you can listen to the Bahai teachings/ideology of faith or you can just sit in for the few moments of peace.
Persian architects Fariborz Sahba. A number of awards have been given to this beautiful structure because different shades are seen through day and night designs it. Awards like Global academy award 2000, and illuminating Engineering society of North America-1988, other awards for archaeology, spirituality and fine Arts are awarded on this fine structure. This structure is gift to eye and peace to mind a must visit for all.

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