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This is an illustrious garden situated in a rich valley. The valley is situated close Amer Fort which is a popular charm of Jaipur Same Day Tour. Situated on a foot slope, this place is lavish normally. The garden adds more magnificence to the district. This is the best place for touring, walking, unwinding and photography. Aside from the nature, you can discover sanctuaries and different structures here. Aside from vegetation based attractions, this garden is additionally a treat for winged creature watchers you can recognize a couple of relocation feathered creatures like Neel Kanth, Kingfisher, spotted pigeon and others. 

History of Kanak Vrindavan Garden 

The garden was worked around 280 years back by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. The garden is expected to appear to be like the legendary garden where Lord Krishna played amid his adolescence. This garden and the structure were worked for ruler's recreational employments. There is likewise a holy spot inside the garden where a few waterways meet. The water in this locale is viewed as blessed and a sanctuary was worked close it to commend Lord Vishnu. 

Building Layout of Kanak Vrindavan Garden 

This garden is situated on the lower regions of Nahargarh Hills. The place is fixed with lavish trees that frame an umbrella over the yards of the garden. The garden dividers are improved with mirror work and prison work of Mughal styles. The garden is geometrically partitioned into eight areas. There is a little wellspring situated in the garden, which is renowned for being cut out of a solitary monster piece of marble. It is called as Parikrama. You can discover characteristic plans on the wellspring and on the dividers of the sanctuary, inside the garden. The room where the primary god of the sanctuary is found is brightened with panni work. From the garden, you can spot Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort. 

The most effective method to reach Kanak Vrindavan Garden 

The garden is situated around 8 km far from Jaipur. The garden is near various vacation spots like Nahargarh Fort, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort and others. You can discover numerous private transports from different parts of the city to the garden. You can discover taxis that give visit to every one of the attractions around the garden. 

Best Time to Visit Kanak Vrindavan Garden 

The place is at prime magnificence amid winter and late-spring. Winter is the correct time for unwinding, walking and other recreation exercises. Winter begins in November and closures in March. This is likewise the ideal time to spot numerous beautiful winged animals in the district. Summer is the time when the blossoms will be at sprout. Despite the fact that the place may be sweltering and muggy, this place is great for night walk around summer. Summer begins in March and finishes in June. 

Visiting Timing and Fee of Kanak Vrindavan Garden 

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