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One of the most prominent places in Delhi is the Jantar Mantar. Just like the Qutab Minar this too is a must visit place of the capital of the country. In this observatory, the King built larger instruments which could take more accurate measurements.

When to visit Delhi:


You have to come to Delhi to check out the interesting places like the Jantar Mantar, Red Fort Lotus temple etc. It is best to avoid the summer months. Best time to visit Delhi is between October and March when the climate is cool and pleasant.

Brief history:


This is an observatory which was built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur. This place has 13 architectural astronomy instruments. The main intention of this observatory was to gather astronomical tables, to predict the time and movement of sun, moon and other planets. The most prominent yantras of this observatory were The Ram Yantra, the Samrat Yantra, the Jayprakash Yantra and the Mishra Yantras.

Samrat yantra is an equal hour sundial and it is in a large triangle shape. This is better than the basic sundial as it helps in measuring accurately declination and other coordinates of celestial bodies.

The Jayaprakash yantra has hollowed out hemispheres. There are markings on the concave surfaces. With this yantra the observer could align the position of the star with the different markings.

Rama Yantra was used to measure the altitude of the stars. The latitude and longitude of the earth were taken into consideration for this.

Misra Yantra was a combination of 5 instruments. It was used to find the longest and the shortest days of the year. This yantra was able to give details about when it was noon in the different cities of the world. This was the only yantra that was not invented by Jai Singh.

This is truly one of the most fascinating observatories. However, now it is not possible to get accurate readings from this observatory. This is because of the tall buildings in the vicinity.

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