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Jal Mahal is called as Jal Mahal because it is situated in the middle of Man sagar lake. you can walk around the lake where palace is situated which is important tourist activity. Couples prefer Boating here.

Where Jal Mahal is Located?

The palace is endowed 4kms away from jaipur city. You can find the buildup on Amer jaipur road. You can find buses, cabs, autos etc to reach there. You can board any transportation to go to jal mahal from any part of jaipur.

Best Time to Visit?

The entry to the palace is open from 6 am to 6 pm only. It is likely to be visited during monsoon and winter seasons. The best time to visit the place in a day is during sunrise and sunset. After sunset, the area get lit with lights. Lighting and Boating are the two special attractions for tourist.Boating is available throughout the day. When tourist  season begins then  boatmen is available from morning till night. During monsoons its look get enhanced due to water level and green Garden. Boating is temporarily stopped in monsoon. The activity is preferred more during winter due to pleasant weather.


Why Jal Mahal is so famous?

The palace is well known for its architectural charm. The structure was formed using red sandstone. There are five stories in the building. However the palace seems to have one-story, there are five stories. The last four levels are engulfed into the lake during monsoon season.

Boating to the palace during sunset become romantically appealing for couples. Now boating is available after several years of ban. You can ride on the traditional Jaipur wooden boats to the palace. You can move along the sides of the river. During walking and boating, you can spot migrating birds like Oriental darter, grey heron, little grebe, great flamingo, Eurasian spoonbill and others. It is chief spot for birdwatchers.

Terrace garden is main attraction of the place which is octagonal in shape. There is extremely luxurious restaurant cum hotel inside the place. Palace interior is made of no. of hallways, arched entrances and provide unique view from the balconies. The bottom floors are prohibited to the tourists even during summer. you can find Chowpatty close to the lake. Numerous delicious food and chat is served here which is big attraction for foodies.

History of Jal Mahal

In 16th century, water scarcity was an sailent issue in Amber. The rulers built dams for water storage. This palace was built with sandstone that has the capacity of holding back millions of liters of water. Madho Singh I used the place for resting during duck hunting. His son renovated the palace to the current structure. By late 20th century, the palace was in disintigration. The tourism department renovated the palace and brought it back to its original glory.

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