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Hawa Mahal is a famous architecture built by the Rajputs.It is situated in Rajasthan. This building is uniquely endowed so that every time you can feel the breeze. The building is known as “palace of wind” therefore it is called as Hawa Mahal.

Where Hawa Mahal is established?

Hawa Mahal is established near City palace. It is positioned on periphery of the city palace. The monument is located on Hawa Mahal road. You can haul Taxi, bus, or any transportation from Jaipur to reach tom the place. The metro station nearest to the royal building is Merta Road station.

When one can make visit?

The best time to visit the Monument is October to March. Whereas the visit can be done throughout the year. Suitable time to  visit the palace is  during winters  when weather is pleasent. As far as, all the time wind gushes into the monument, So if you enter on sunny hot day you will still feel the air.

Timings of the palace are 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m.Well people take rounds in night to watch the alluring illumination of monument.

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Why Hawa Mahal is popular?

Hawa Mahal looks like the crown of Lord Krishna, Hindu God. It consist of 5 stories as Beehive structure. There are 953 Jharokhas volumes with overhanging balconies. The structure was made for royal women. Royal women used to stand on top three floors to look upon the streets and markets where important events took place.They were not allowed to stand directly inside the public crowd. Top three floors have approximately one room width. Patios were  furnished on first two floors. Minimum ornamentation is done. Structure is made up of pink colour painted sandstones which is again lined with lively white colour. Interior is shaped in stone inlay and arch work.

Tourist can take walk through imperial toran which opens into giant Plaza. Courtyard is engrossed with two buildings and one Hawa Mahal which stands on east side. Museam is build inside and it contain huge acquisition of antique, weapons and articles possession of Royal family. The Museum is perfect watch for history lovers. Each lucarne has cubicle where people can sit and watch streets. Fountain is furnished in front of each chamber which is enjoyed as well. Archeological department handles the top two floors and can be worm into.

Hawa Mahal History

In the year 1876 the beautiful palace was built in the royal authority of rajput King Pratap Singh Marah. He used to be the devotee of Lord Krishna. He asked chief architect Lal chand usta to build it so to gave honor to the Hindu God. Especially it was constructed keeping in mind about the Royal women of the era. Royals used to follow Pardah system. Noble women kept their sight over functions or Ceremonies and participated themselves.Calicium oxide was used to provide distinct pink colour to the structure.

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