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Fast Depiction: Gyarah Murti is located on Mother Theresa Crescent in NewDelhi, India. It shows the freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi leading the salt march that is Satya Garah.

Long Description:

The sculpture is made by Devi Prasad Roy Chaudhary shows the fight of Satya Ggarah by Father of the nation, Gandhi Ji
Mahatma Gandhi led the salt march towards the oppressive salt tax imposed by the British government. Gandhiji wears a homespun shawl, sandals, and dhoti in the figure.
The salt march also is known as the Dandi March or salt Satya Ggarah is civil-disobedience act during British colonialism in 1930 but it was a non-violent protest.
The march was 240 miles long from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi which took around 24 days. The march was joined by 24 fighters.


Gandhi Ji showed that you need to believe in yourself to change the world, you don’t need a title, authority or, military. You should act according to your highest value. He established that exploited people should not put with their condition and should stand up and fight in a peaceful manner as possible. He said hate does not overcome hate. War does not overcome war. He becomes the example to us that peace can overcome hate only.

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