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Tourist information of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

  • Well-known for: Sikh pilgrimage, religion, Indian olden times, free communal meal (LANGAR), generosity, Sightseeing, and architecture.
  • Entrance fee: No fees.
  • Accommodation charges: A.c room is charged- 1000RS/Day; Non-ac room- 800RS/Day whereas no charges are taken for staying inside the hall
  • Operating time: 24/7
  • Langar hours: Day-9 AM-3PM; Night- 7 pm-10 pm; only vegetarian food
  • Visit Duration: anytime

The history behind the Pilgrimage:

Raja Jai Singh stays here in historical times he builds this as his residence and known as Raja Jai Singh Pura. Later on, the palace was converted into Gurudwara. It was named after the eighth Sixth Guru Harkishan Sahib as a tribute. It stands as the pilgrimage site now.

Interesting details about the Gurudwara

  • On 30 March 1664 AD, Guru Harkishan Ji had died out of smallpox; he was seven years old at that time.
  • Nishan Sahib is seen from far, it is a type of tall flagship pole.
  • You can volunteer to clean the floors of the Gurudwara, take care of the visitor's shoes and so on.
  • Gurubani, a religious hymn is played at all time in the background.
  • Gurudwara “Sarovar” has many fishes in it. It is an artificial lake.
  • It has clean drinking water availability, multi-level parking, and dirt-free washrooms.
  • A basket is kept at the opening point of the Gurudwara, which is packed with scarves. It is mandatory to wear the scarves before making an entry.

Things to see:

  • Attend prayer sessions to gain spiritual knowledge.
  • Learn about various events of Sikhism of history by visiting Baba bagel Singh Museum and Art gallery.
  • Enjoy the surreal beauty of its Sarovar, which become delightful during sunrise and sunset.
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