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Why to Visit Agra?

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Agra is a beautiful city that has a scenic beauty of the river Yamuna; this is one of the most visited tourist attractions all over the world.  If you have heard a lot about this place but you don’t know that what makes it so beautiful, then this piece of writing is certainly a must read for you.  The historical spots that are there in Agra attract tourists from the different parts of the world. This city is also known as the 20th most populated city in India.

The city, Agra is in the northern part of India, in the state called Uttar Pradesh which is 200 km close to Delhi, the capital of the country.  This place is known for having many historical monuments along with three monuments that are also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Agra is also famous for the famous monument, The Taj Mahal.

Why visiting Agra is an interesting option?

One of the seventh wonders of World is there in Agra- Taj Mahal

One of the most popular and visited places in Agra is Taj Mahal. This tomb was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of third wife Mumtaz Mahal. The beautiful architecture of the white marbles of Taj Mahal is overwhelming.

Mughal Gardens of India

Mughal Gardens of India, also known as Aram bhag or Ram Bhag is a garden that is full of lush green plants and beautiful flowers. The dresses that surround this garden make it look a great look and this is why it is a perfect place for photography as well. It showcases the style of the ancient Persian Gardens. Wife of Jehangir played a great role in designing this garden.

A city within the Fortress, Fatehpur Sikri

There are many forts and palaces that are there inside Fatehpur Sikri which is also one of the world heritage sites. There are many historical buildings that are there in the political capital of the Mughal Empire.  The gate of Fatehpur Sikri, known as the Buland Darwaza, the Royal Chamber, the palace of Jodha Bai, Diwan-E-Khas are some of the best places to explore. The house of Salim Chisti, who was a Sufi saint, Karawan Serai, and Birbal Bhawan are also some of the places that you enjoy visiting.

Explore the great Mughal Architecture

This land dates many ages before Mahabharata. In the period between the 1500s to the mid-1600s when the Mughal Empire made this the Prime City.  This is the place that shows the brilliant architecture of the Mughal emperor.

Enjoy the delicious Sweets of Agra

Agra Ka Petha is a famous sweet that is popular all over the country. This sweet is made of with the use of Ash Gourd, it has certainly a delicious taste, thus you cannot miss to have it when you visit Agra.

Glazed Tiles

If you love to explore the history of a place then you cannot miss visiting Agra.  There are many tourists attraction that you can enjoy in this city, though the monuments are damaged as they date back centuries, they still give you a glimpse of the Mughal Empire. The tombs of Shah Jahan and Allamal Afzal Khan Mullah are also there in the city.

Famous Pilgrimage site

There are many mosques that are there inside Fatehpur Sikri. The mosques that are the largest in the world are also here.  Many people visit religious places such as Jama Masjid, the tomb of Salin Chisti, and Buland Darwaza.

Though Taj Mahal is considered as the synonym to the city Agra there are many other places in the city that you can enjoy exploring.

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