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Top 7 Foods You Cannot Afford To Miss in Jaipur

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Rajasthan, (Raja Ka Sthan), is one of the cities which are famous for its royal culture and hospitality. With widely sprawled desert, breathing forts, wonderful landscapes and more makes Jaipur a place to visit. But apart from this, its cuisine is something which will make you lick your fingers. One thing is absolutely sure; visiting Jaipur will never make you down in terms of food. You will get the ample the ample number of variety which will satisfy your craving. Whenever you plan your Delhi Jaipur tour make sure to eat those mouthwatering and smoky dishes with your family. Have a look at the top 7 foods you cannot afford to miss here –
It is a traditional sweet dish famous in Rajasthan for its utterly delicious taste. It has a cracking texture filled with sugar syrup inside with a taste which will make you tempt for more.
It is a round shaped sweet dish comes in the different varieties Plain Ghevar, Mava Ghevar, Malai Ghevar. It is made up of sugar syrup, paneer, flour, ghee and special garnish. It is famous in entire Rajasthan.
Kalmi Vada
It is a type of snack which can be taken with tea for a light breakfast. It is a type of fried gram dal serves best with green spicy chutney that has a taste of chillies and mint.
It is one of the popular sweets of northern Indian enjoyed mostly during the festival of colors Holi. It is made up of khoya, dry fruits and sugar syrup with a crispy feel.
Shahi Gatte
This besan made dish is also popular as Govind Gatte. It is filled with the goodness of besan with nuts and then goes for deep fried. It becomes extra awesome with gravy and enjoys best with rice and roti.
Pyaaz Kachori
It is again one of the famous snacks of northern Indian made with fillings of pyaaz, spices and potatoes. It can easily be purchased at any namkeen outlet in the city tastes best with tamarind chutney which has a sour and sweet taste.
Mawa Kachori
It is filled with sugar syrup, khoya, and dry fruits and then gets deep fried. It can be best enjoyed as a dessert after your delicious lunch or dinner. This is a special treat for the sweet lovers.
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