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Things To Remember During Delhi Sightseeing Tour

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You can’t expect the fact Delhi can be a bit too overwhelming at times. In spite of that fact, everybody agrees that it is one of the most incredible cities in India. The information in this topic should exclude all the nuisances that you might come across during the trip. Indeed, there are loads of scammers in this city whom you must avoid. Of course, these swindlers will try to lay their traps for foreigners as well as Indians. Then again, there are other things that people should know about. That is why you should go through this topic because it contains everything that you must know.

  1. The weather during Delhi sightseeing: Before you purchase Delhi sightseeing package, you must find out more about the climate of the place. The hottest season remains between April and October. The rainy months constitute July and August. The monsoon of Delhi can interrupt tourism. Naturally, you should take your time to decide when to visit this city. The time between February and April is when you should book your tour.
  2. The metro’s benefits in Delhi sightseeing: Yes, the subway of Delhi offers the cheapest and the most optimum mode of transportation. When you purchase a ticket, remember that it is valid within one station only. Therefore, you should buy more than one ticket in advance.
  3. Delhi sightseeing for foreigners: Travellers from other nations can avail an exclusive tourist card. It gives unrestricted access two to three times a day to the underground train. You can take the subway for free. Find out more about these passes on the web.
  4. An alternative form of transportation for Delhi sightseeing: As already mentioned, the best mode of transportation is the underground railway. Then again, there is an alternative, which may not be as comfortable. Still, you should try to commute using the buses of Delhi to traverse throughout the city. Coaches run every twenty minutes.
  5. Don’t forget to bargain during Delhi sightseeing: Bargaining for better prices is always welcome by the shopkeepers. If something catches your eye at a local market or a street stall, then you can reduce its cost. Traders can recognize buyers who don’t know the approximate price of a product. So, they often ask you for an arm and a leg.
  6. Taxis during Delhi sightseeing: The cab drivers of Delhi are very much like the shopkeepers. They will ask for a ridiculous price to anyone unaware of the fares. You should use your haggling skills again. However, if the driver doesn’t lower the cost, feel free to look for another one.
  7. Street-side food while Delhi sightseeing: You should be aware and cautious while selecting a street food stall while exploring on Delhi sightseeing package. If you eat too much street-side food, then you have to handle an upset stomach. Try to reduce your craving and only choose a food stall with long queues.

Final Considerations Regarding Delhi Sightseeing

If you receive help from anyone, then don’t forget to tip them. It is a custom of Delhi that you have to part with a meagre sum of money whenever someone aids you. Then again, you should avoid those people who are obsessive about helping you. These people may try to extract more money from you than what you give them.