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20 Surprising Facts about the Indian Capital Delhi

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The Indian capital Delhi isn’t just famous for its Delhi Darshan trips but also possesses a significant place in the golden history of India. It is a home to a fusion of rich culture of millions of people from various religions. The city is not close to any beach or mountain but still fascinates a large number of travellers from different parts of the world. It is a city of all those who love shopping, food, parties and a lot more for entertainment. Being founded by Mughal Emperor in the year 1649, Delhi has some of the beautiful monuments depicting the rich values of loyal past. The city is also known for its unique and amazing climatic conditions, it becomes too cold during winters whereas too hot during summers and monsoon here also offers incredible rainfall. 
Here in this post, we are sharing 20 surprising facts about Indian capital which you may not know. Check this out.
  1. During the year 1911, the British government had announced to change their capital from Calcutta to Delhi. Finally, it happened in the year 1912, Delhi got shifted.
  2. The city has a population of 29 million with the highest population in all the 4 metropolitan cities of India. It brings Delhi at the second position in India.
  3. It is an inhabited since 6th.  The city was the capital of many aged empires, and also said it has built many times in its era.
  4. The world’s tallest brick minaret, Qutub Minar is also located in Delhi. 
  5. Earlier the city was walled and surrounded by 14 gates. But today all the 14 gates has limited to 5 gates which are named as Turkman Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Ajmeri Gate and Kashmiri Gate. 
  6. The most busiest airport of South Asia is Indira Gandhi National Airport of Delhi. It captures the travellers for domestic as well as International flights 
  7. The prime junction of Indian Railway is in Delhi.
  8. The first modern transportation system of India is Delhi Metro. It is said that its stations are 13th largest in the world in the context of length which is around 193 km.
  9. Asia’s biggest vegetable and fruit market is Azadpur. It supplies more than 3000 full packed trucks of vegetables and fruits daily to various locations.
  10. The city also has the largest public transportation systems in India.
  11. Public transport system here runs entirely on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
  12. In pan India, Delhi has the highest number of registered cars.
  13. The largest wholesale spice market in Asia is Khari Baoli. It receives the lakhs of buyers on a daily basis. 
  14. The city is interestingly ranked at the top green cities in the entire world. Despite of population and congestion, it covers 20% of the ecological area 
  15. The largest mosque in India is Jama Masjid. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1656 
  16. After Nairobi, Delhi is spotted as the second bird capital in the world. 
  17. It was spotted at the 5th among 21 cities in India for its best governance and transparent administrative policies.
  18. The Indian capital is also ranked at the 7th place in terms of the world’s most expensive office hotspots.
  19. The cricket stadium Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi is the 2nd oldest international cricket stadium in India.
  20. The city has Sulabh international museum of toilets which is committed to the history of toilets and sanitation in India.
If you are thinking to visit Delhi than these above-mentioned facts will help you in planning your Delhi sightseeing tour. This is just a quick list as Delhi has endless things to explore. For more tips and facts, keep visiting this space by My Tour Package.