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Located close to Jaipur is the Amer Town where you will find the Amer Fort. This beautiful palace is made from red sandstone and marble. You must opt for a Jaipur tour by bus in order to visit this beautiful place, which has 4 levels. Each level has a courtyard.


When to visit Amer Fort Jaipur:

You can club your Jaipur trip with Amer town visit. The best time to come to these places is between October and March when the weather is pleasant.


Brief History of Amer Fort:

This major tourist attraction is located on a forested hill and it was built by Raja Man Singh of the Kachwahas clan. It was expanded by Jai Sing I. It has six main sections. From the Suraj Pol you enter the first courtyard. It was the main entry into the palace. This is where the army would have a victory parade when they came back from a battle.
Jalebi Chowk was the place where the army used to assemble. A nice stairway from this chowk will take you to the main palace grounds. Here you will find the Sila Devi temple, which was worshipped by the Maharajas.
The Ganesh Pol will take you to the private palaces of the Maharajas. Above the gate is the Suhag mandir where the ladies used to watch the functions that were held in the Diwan-i-aam. In the second courtyard is the Diwan-i-aam where the king would listen to the petitions of the public.
The private quarters of the Royal family and their attendants are in the third courtyard. This courtyard has two buildings, which are separated by the Mughal Gardens. The building on the left side is called Jai Mandir. Here you will find the Sheesh Mahal. The building on the right side is known as the Sukh Mahal. Do not forget to look at one of the wonderful attractions that is the magic flower which is carved on a marble panel at the base of a pillar around the Sheesh Mahal. The Tripolia Gate and The Lion Gate are also there in this courtyard. 
The fourth courtyard is the place where the royal family women lived. On the South side of this courtyard is the palace of Man Singh I.
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